Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mitch Rapp Agrees With Robert Stacy McCain

Speaking of the pursuit of honor, on Monday The Other McCain shared his distaste for Gingrich:

NY23: Newt does Dede's dirty work
I was disgusted just now to see Newt Gingrich's
appearance on Greta Van Susteren's Fox News show
tonight, when he hit Doug Hoffman with a cheap shot,
saying Hoffman "doesn't live in the [23rd] District.
(Hey, ask some Georgians if Newt has any room to
talk about carpetbagging!)

Today stud Mitch Rapp joined father of six R.S. McCain, raising the ante from disgusting to bizarre:

"I've seen a lot of nasty shit over the years, George, but this one was disgusting." Rapp thought about it for a second and then corrected himself, saying, "I take that back. It wasn't disgusting . . . it was bizarre. There was nothing left, except chunks of indistinguishable goo."
Yeah, the Gingrich - Steele - Scozzafava Republicans: Indistinguishable, chunky goo.

'Course none of this is newsy news. CB, over at Another Black Conservative, reminds us today what he said last May:
When the GOP rebuilds, it needs to be rebuilt with quality candidates. When the Democrats are through bringing their 40 year old wish list to life, we will need strong principled people just to bring back America to anything close to what it used to be. This certainly won't happen with a large pack of unprincipled, spineless, big government loving RINOs.
The only way the John Cornyns, McCains, Powells and Specters of the party are ever going to hear us, is when we starve them to death by withholding our cash and votes.
9:30 p.m.: Regressive Dirty Tricks Update over at TOMcC. Bwaahahaha.

A.M. updatery: Michael Barone, like Mitch Rapp, also applies the Scozzafava bizarre annotation.

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