Monday, October 19, 2009

Death At the Student Union -- NCAA Football -- UCONN -- Johnny Hood

UConn Football Player Died of Stab to Stomach

Police have arrested Johnny Hood, 21, of Hartford and charged him with interfering with an officer and breach of peace. An incident report says Hood was identified by witnesses as being involved in the altercation, and gave police a false name. Hood was arraigned Monday.

Hood told police he was looking around on the ground for his gold teeth, according to police records.

Here, Johnny Hood, you can borrow some'o'my pimped out teeth.
Update 10/27
Yes, we made light of the gold teeth aspect of the story but we make light not of the death of young Jasper Howard. May Light Perpetual shine on you, Jasper.
Hmmm. Hakim Muhammad:  Hakim Muhammad, 20, faces a felony charge of conspiracy to commit assault, Blicher said. Muhammad remained in jail, with bail set at $750,000.
Could this be a fidel-on-infidel hate-hate crime?

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