Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goldberg: Redemptive Gorean Theology

Who knew Jonah was to become the go-to theologian around here?
From the standpoint of governance, what is at stake is our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption.
How does this stem from the standpoint of governance — whatever that means?
Surely, a claim is in trouble when you can swap out a phrase like "from the standpoint of governance" and helpfully replace it with "from the standpoint of Glaxar: Supreme Ruler of the Known Universe" or "from the standpoint of the Hale-Bopp Cult..."
Today Beldar commented here.
Previous helpful Goldbergism here.
Pic swiped from Feed Your ADHD.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Shabbat Shalom -- Party Like It's 5770 -- Purim

Let's get it started in here.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bush Stole My Dentures

S/Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Slaughter Is The Best Medicine

More Live Blogging, this time from Michelle Malkin:
1:00pm Eastern. Last speaker before the break: Democrat Rep. Louise Slaughter, who complains about women and minorities being excluded from clinical trials years ago and tells a sob story about a woman who was “forced” to wear her dead sister’s dentures. Or something.

Obama extols the “terrific conversation” so far.

Pray for the Republic, people.

McCain Brings the Palin

Over at Contentions Tevi Troy reports that Sarah Palin's running mate steps up:
LIVE BLOG: McCain Brings the Pain

Tevi Troy - 02.25.2010 - 12:40 PM

John McCain is listing all of the “unsavory” ways that the Democrats have put things together — including the Cornhusker kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, and the $80 billion PhRMA deal. Obama tried to cut him off, but McCain would not be denied and said we should go back to the beginning to get away from the special deals that taint the current product.

Obama looked pretty annoyed, and told McCain that the election is over.
That's a sweet headline, TTroy, but McCain Brings the Palin would work better.

ObamaCare III -- Stooge Option

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Three Fingers of Olympic Gold

I was sitting with your sister (the one on Cantura Street) last night watching a few minutes of Olympic skiing.
"All those lady skiers are flat-chested," I said; but JMax said they are men "That's men's skiing."
I just kept just watching.
I said "Look, what are you drinking tonight? I'm having a drink."
She said "Yes! I need one!" (Exclamation marks appropriate here.)
Then she said "We have some good Scotches in there."
But I know we don't.
But we do have some decent enough American whiskeys, including a Wild Turkey that's all honeyed-up and sweet to the taste and good for the throat.
"How many fingers you want? I'm having three," says I.
"One," says your sister. "One to start."
"Okay. Whose finger?"
"Marty's!" said she.
Demure yet realistic; that's your sis.
Marty has those good sausage-sized digits. Perfect for measuring a Monday evening pour.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dick Cheney -- Resting Comfortably

D. Vader Chaney may be resting comfortably, but we shan't, not until he's up and about again. God speed and God bless.

Yes this is a fan page.
Vice President Dick Cheney cracked a number of jokes Wednesday night at the Radio & Television Correspondents' Dinner In Washington D.C. Cheney got some laughs when he told the audience that he had asked his wife, Lynne Cheney, whether the label Darth Vader applied to his personality. According to Cheney, his wife said it "humanizes you."
He don't need no stinkin' humanizin'.

Video may be here.

Some'o'this page posted previously here.

Get Local! Create Your MyBO Account

My BO. My my.
Okay, so sidelined on my Gmail account are the ads I usually ignore. Today I spotted this one:
Official Obama Website
Barack Obama Needs Your Help to Change Washington. Sign Up Today!
So yeah, I clicked the link -- hey, yeah, I should be working, but what the heck. Then the official Obama website encouraged me to Get Local! Create Your MyBO Account.

You'll fight
We'll fight
Blah blah blahdeblahblah.
Help Obama. Do this. Do that.
Obama says:
Our task is enormous. To succeed, we'll need all Americans, no matter how they may have voted, to join us in the work ahead. If we set aside the old politics that have kept us apart, there's no limit to what we can achieve.
And of course they asked for money.

Definition of BO
1. BO
A nice smelling smell that you get if you don't shower regulary and sweat a lot.
Pronounced as BEE-OH
Woah, who smells of B.O?
Over in the Pierce Mattie Beauty Public Relations Archives, this on BO:
Body Odor. Sexy or Not?

Stinky solutions here.
Bonus picture here:

George Washington -- A Real Commander-In-Chief -- On His Birthday

"Nothing but harmony, honesty, industry, and frugality are necessary to make us a great and happy people." -- George Washington to Marquis de Lafayette, Mount Vernon, January 29, 1789
Happy Birthday Mr. Real President.

President George Washington
For the children: President George Washington

pResident Barry Hussein Obama.
Just saying.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Real Men Doing What Men Do -- USMC, Marja, Afghanistan

"This isn't all that different from the way our fathers and grandfathers fought," said Cpl. Blake Burkhart, 22, of Oviedo, Fla.
In Marja, it's war the old-fashioned way
By Rajiv Chandrasekaran
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, February 20, 2010; A01

"Hygiening" in the morning means a quick scrubbing with a baby wipe. Full ablutions are weeks away. In the meantime, everyone smells equally rank.

The lack of hot water hasn't kept the Marines from shaving. The Corps' style -- high-and-tight haircuts and cleanshaven faces -- is enforced out here, no matter how rough the conditions.

The one edict most openly flouted is with regards to the possession of pets. Every patrol base, no matter how small, seems to have attracted at least one stray dog in search of food, water or just companionship. The outpost that was attacked has a tiny puppy, dubbed Furball, who is fed a generous daily allotment of packaged tuna and chicken found in some ration bags.

The rations, which are called MREs -- for Meals Ready to Eat -- are pretty much all anyone has to eat, other than the last bits of Corn Nuts or beef jerky squirreled away in a rucksack. The choices range from a boneless pork rib to a beef enchilada to vegetable lasagna. Regular meals, which require a base with a kitchen, a dining hall and contract labor, may never come to Marja. The Marines here have been told to get used to meals in a bag for months.
After Thursday's attack, which lasted 90 minutes before a volley of mortar shells and rockets presumably wiped out the insurgents who had been shooting, the Marines returned to their designated corners of the base in the darkness. Dinner was cold, and the cards were scattered. But nobody cared. All they wanted to do was talk about the fighting, and the one Marine who had been wounded by a Taliban sniper.

"This is better than 'Call of Duty,' " said Lance Cpl. Paul Stephens, 20, of Corona, Calif., referring to a series of shoot-'em-up video games.

"This is what it's all about," Cpl. Mina Mechreki added. "We didn't join the Corps to sit around. This is what we came out here to do."
Thanks, Rajiv Chandrasekaran
Read the whole thing.
It might remind us not to be stupid and petty today.
Via Max Boot, again. In Contentions.

Acornholer FOO

Friends of Obama

VIA American Spectator

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art Interlude -- Kori Newkirk

Speaking of art....
I have a friend, okay, perhaps more than one, but one in particular who used to say, or still says, that I'm like a homeless man and my car is my shopping cart.
I couldn't argue.
She's known me a long time and she's often right.
You got any spare change?
Anyway, she meant a grocery store cart, not a little old lady cart, but I thought of her when I ran across this cart piece by Kori Newkirk, shown most recently in '30 Seconds Off an Inch' at the Studio Museum in Harlem.
Is it art-art? I dunno. Do I like it? Yeah.
The show is reviewed here.

Additional recent billboard Newkirk here and here..

Libraries In The News

Yeah, yeah, I know, this means nothing. And Art Forum is a silly magazine. But I like libraries.
“The Colin de Land Library”
47 Rue Ramponeau
January 30–February 27

View of “The Colin de Land Library,” 2010.
Some lessons from Colin de Land, whose library has been reassembled, on its original shelves, at the Parisian apartment of Daniele Balice and Alexander Hertling. First: Always buy the most colorful copy of the work in question; favor books with hot-pink spines or cobalt-yellow covers (Lukács’ Concept of Dialectic [1972] by István Mészáros, for instance), and leave particularly garish price tags in place as points of pride. Second: Self-help and gossip add intellectual heft. Consider, in addition to art-world staples by Anthony Hayden-Guest, lesser-known gems like David J. Schwarz’s The Magic of Getting What You Want (1987) and Nigel Cawthorne’s Sex Lives of the Presidents (1996). Third: Pornography should be somewhat specialized and a tiny bit wry—a blind porn star in [C-word] Vision, for instance. Last: Stay fluid and open-minded. Treat Napoleon Hill as a member of the Frankfurt School (Think and Grow Rich [1937] pairs well with Negative Dialectics [1966]); allow New York School poets to mingle with contemporaries like Lita Hornick (To Elizabeth and Eleanor: Great Queens Who Loved Poetry [1993]); mix George Foreman’s knock-out-the-fat barbecue tricks with Mao, Chanel, and Lyotard. Which is to say: Be pragmatic; contain multitudes, like Whitman—like de Land.

— David Lewis
From the current issue of Art Forum.

Pretension Aside: Yes I cleaned it up for this post but note how the c-word crept in there as if it's okay to use it in public now -- at least in the "art" world.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Barack Millstone Obama

Barack Millstone Obama
That's what Peter Weher and always perfect La Jennifer Rubin are calling Obama over at Contentions this afternoon. Take a look.

For those of you in Rio Linda:
A millstone around one's neck is a Biblical metaphor meaning a burden or large inconvenience one has to endure.
Or, as You-Know-Who said:
"Whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believed in me, it were better for him that millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." -- Matthew 18:6
Speaking of being drowned in the depth of the sea:
"This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal."
-- B. Millstone Obama, Wednesday, June 04, 2008
Ms. Althouse liked that one, calling it the most "megalomaniacal line in Barack Obama's speech last night. We laughed a lot."

Methinks we're still laughing.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh Look, The Harvard-Trained Murderess Killed Her Brother Too -- Bad Seed Amy Bishop

Bad Seed.
Don't blame Alabama for this Massachusetts transplant.
The bitch has killed before. Who knew?

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – More than 23 years before a college professor was accused of shooting six of her colleagues, her teenage brother died from the blast of a shotgun she held in the kitchen of her family's home in Massachusetts.

You can tell a lot about a bitch by the hair-do.
Oh, and whether or not she killed her sibling. That outghtta be a yellow flag, even for the affirmative action dean at Harvard.
Don't worry, Msssss. Bishop, you'll get tenure from your peers at Cell Block University
Also see The Other McCain
Previous ramblings here

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tanqueray and Teens and iPhones

KCD --

How's that snow in Dallas?

You might not be calling me Sunshine had you been around here at wake-up time this a.m. Not that sunnily disposed.

You ask, I answer:

I have an iPhone. Santa or Baby Jesus in the manger brought it to me Christmas '08.

iPhone might not have been my first choice if I were doing the choosing, but I like it a lot. It was time for me to get off of the el cheapo pay as you go phones and I was thinking of the Google phone that was coming out about that time back then. Probably a good thing that Santa or Baby Jesus in the manger made the choice for me. iPhone is better. 

Apple is pricey but I like Apple. Yes I will be getting an iPad in March.

Santa JMax put me on her phone plan. Said my bill is $50.00 a month. I'm pretty sure she's subsidizing that by $20.00 'cos I find no fifty dollah plan on ATT web site. 

I'm no welfare cheat and I haven't scored any of those abundant Obama dollahs but more people should subsidize me in more ways for more things for more years is pretty much what I think about that. You helped to teach me that back when you subsidized me. Can you say Tanqueray London Dry Gin? C'mon people. Fork over.

I use iPhone more for the email and the internet than as a phone. Also use it to read books. Kindle app. 

But a young friend has been calling me a lot recently. Just saying. Is every day a lot? Just asking. It's a mentoring/advising thing. Like I'm a trusted father figure. Or like I'm the wise old goat and he's the kid. Hmmmm. That sounds kind of familiar, kind of like 1981. History does repeat. The alternative explanation is that he's trying to kill me by staring at me. Who can tell what's up these days?

How these things occur, how folk meet and work toward friendships, I have no idea; but it's fun and gets me outta the house in the evening, talking to a human across the table instead of to a dog at the feet or to an online ether-person through the interwebs. Reminds me of when we were all young and had real lives. Can you remember back that far? Cafe Society was us. Anyway, I almost always -- but not always -- pick up when his face appears on my in-coming screen. And you know I'm not a phone guy. Anyway, phone usage does occur. 

JMax just added 200 text messages a month to my plan because I roll that way these days. Five dollah for 200. 

iPhone is stuck with ATT right now. It is said it will be open to Verizon soon enough. Dunno. I'd look into that.

I have an Advisory in my other life. 10 kids I keep an eye on for four years. They're 10th graders now. I'm supposed to "advise" them about things. Personal, social, emotional, academic. We meet. We ignore the curriculum. We all pull out our iPhones. I call ours the iPhone Advisory. I do my email or play iPhone Yahtee. The kids watch stuff on YouTube. I offered them all my phone number. In case of an "emergency." You know the drill. I won't keep any secrets from your parents, but I will pick you up any where any time and get you home safely. Half took the number, half did not. By next year they'll all take it. It is to be hoped none of them use it. Some day administration may bust me for ignoring the important items I'm supposed to discuss with them. I doubt it. This is 2010 and around here like everywhere else if one hustles there is no reward, if one slacks there is no penalty. I say iPhone is our curriculum.

Coaching the basketball tonight. We're league champions with a 3-peat.

Though you are much older now than I was when you first began calling me this, I'm still:

Your Old Goat

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Harvard-Trained Murderess -- Maoist Philosophy Division

Obama voter Ivy League bitchess shoots Americans in real America: Alabama.

Kill the Professors, La Harvard Crimson Professora.

Subtitle: The Cultural Revolution
I guess Larry was el correctemundo when he noted the, um, differences between men and affirmative actioned floozies er, bitches, I mean: women.
CAMBRIDGE -- The president of Harvard University, Lawrence H. Summers, sparked an uproar at an academic conference Friday when he said that innate differences between men and women might be one reason fewer women succeed in science and math careers. Summers also questioned how much of a role discrimination plays in the dearth of female professors in science and engineering at elite universities.
Keep those Ivy League elitistas outta America. Let 'em stay in Cambridge with Skip Gates and his asshole buddies.

University of Alabama in Huntsville biology "professor" in custody regarding deadly shooting at faculty meeting.

Shooting "suspect" Amy Bishop is taken into custody.
HUNTSVILLE, AL -- A biology "professor" is in custody in connection with three fatal shootings on the University of Alabama in Huntsville campus Friday afternoon, according to a UAH official.
Dr. Amy Bishop, a Harvard-University trained "neuroscientist," was taken into custody, and her lesbo beard "husband" has been detained. Neither she nor he, neither "husband" nor "wife, neither one of the blessed couple have been charged with a crime yet.
Let the excuses commence.
Reminds me of that immigrant bitch gifted student Gang Lu at Iowa back in the 90's. Yeah, I was there.

What was it Mao -- and Mrs. Mao -- espoused? Oh, yeah:
Mao singled out nine categories of enemies: landlords, rich peasants, counter-revolutionaries, bad elements, rightists, traitors, foreign agents, capitalist roaders and—the Stinking Ninth—intellectuals. In the fight against "class enemies" and "bourgeois reactionaries," teachers, people with a college degree or relatives overseas, workers, and members of minority groups such as Tibetans, were all targeted.

Mao announced that the Cultural Revolution would “throughly expose the reactionary bourgeois stand of those...who oppose the party and socialism."
A moment of prayer for the deceased, for the families of the deceased, for the students, colleagues, neighbors and loved ones of those murdered by the Harvard-trained hater.

Shabbat Shalom -- Bear Jew Division

A Truly Lincolnesque President

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Abraham and Todd Lincoln

For your consideration:
The First Assassin
A novel by John J. Miller

Lycopersicon esculentum.
The Abraham Lincoln Tomato.

Pics found at A Little Touch of History
Except for the tomato pic: Google images.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm playing catch-up here.

How do you get through a day without reading you some Jennifer Rubin? I know I cannot.
Don’t Ask, No Telling When Obama Will Lead
Jennifer Rubin - 02.11.2010 - 9:06 AM

Rather, the Left may be learning the hard way that Obama has little facility for the job of being president and zero talent for crafting historic legislation. He’s the quintessential academic — filled with big ideas (none of which bears much relation to the real world) yet utterly incompetent. Next time they might look for a “transformative” figure who can transform something.
Speaking of the "quintessential academic" from the Land of Lincoln:
Methinks Obama is less like Lincoln and more like a wannabe Stevenson -- the egghead and I part of Stevenson anyway.
Adlai Ewing Stevenson (February 5, 1900-July 14, 1965), politician and diplomat, was twice the Democratic Party's candidate for President of the
United States. He brought a freshness, a depth, passion, wit and vision to American politics and to international diplomatic discourse, that illumined an era. Many considered him one of the greatest political orators of his time, second only to Winston Churchill.
Of course Stevenson liked Churchill and Obama doesn't like Churchill or the colonial Brits -- oppressors of Kenyan Daddy Obama.
And I don't consider Obama one of the greatest orators of the day, do you? Unless great oration = boring jibberjabber. Just saying.

Speaking of Hopey-changey:
Change is inevitable. Change for the better is a full-time job.
Adlai E. Stevenson
Here's from an NRO Newsletter (no link possible, it's a newsletter I said.)
Morning Jolt . . . with Jim Geraghty
February 11, 2010

This administration's approach isn't bipartisan; it's bipolar.

Also in Morning Jolt, from Dennis the Peasant:

The most amateurish presidency -- and president -- of our age."
Two out of ten from everyday favorite classicist Victor Davis Hanson
The New Commandments on the Animal Farm Barn Wall
9. Guantanamo Bay will be shut down a year from the inauguration sometime, perhaps, in the future.
10. Deficits are proof of the reckless Bush-Cheney fiscal policies necessary stimuli designed to move our country in a fairer and more equitable direction.
What's with these "ex" ballet dancer Democrats?
Tutu boy slapped down by Reagan's Real son.
Michael Reagan didn't let his liberal brother's smearing of Sarah Palin, Scott Brown and the Tea party movement go unanswered:

Spurred by his younger brother Ron's recent appearance on Joy Behar's Headline News show, Michael Reagan, a Republican strategist, issued a written statement Wednesday saying his father would've supported the movement.
Thanks, Texas for Sarah Palin.

Don't miss these World Trade Center Pics

Feeling lucky, Punk?
Scotch Lottery
Want a $2,400 bottle of 40-year-old Glenfarclas Scotch whisky?

Byron York and the Obama Nobel $cam Update:
Where Da Prize Monie$?
Prize winners can have the money without delay, but Lundestad says it is not unheard of for a laureate to leave the cash with the Nobel Foundation for some period of time after winning. "The most difficult cases are with laureates who are in prison," he says.
Nobel Musical Interlude, because we still love this video.

Moving On:
Iran enriches uranium, Obama dithers, and Jonah's Mom gives us our daily bread:
Iran works on blowing up the middle east while the White House worries we may be too fat.
Full article and thread here.

Adolf is still in the Bunker.

Stormy Weather:
Picture of the Storm Damage In My Neighborhood With Additional FaceBook Commentary from my Aunt Mida Faith

Mida: We're in Oklahoma and we were watching all the flooding and mudslides in Caifornia and wondering if you had much of the storm. I wouldn't consider a chair turned over too much damamge. At least your beautiful flowers are not beat down. We have had more snow and I am sick ofit.
Me: Thank heaven sort of a God Obama and his FEMA is helping me clean up this mess.
Jane St. C: My prayers are with you.
Me: Prayers are good, yes. But don't forget: I'm never offended by cash.

C'mon. You didn't think I'd pass up the chance to include Lena Horne didja?
Next time: Ethel Waters.
Aw, why wait? I could use some Waters today. You?

Stormy Weather Bonus: Ella Fitzgerald

Happy Birthday Mrs. Todd Palin

Congrats on another successful trip around the sun.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Think I may have lost a friend on FaceBook the other day. An old school chum and study partner (I truly would not have made it through the sciency parts of graduate school without her expertise, and she relied on my strengths in softer areas, no doubt) wrote me a quick FB message saying:
February 8 at 1:26pm
"Tell me she isn't going to run for Pres. How are you?"
Sure that's a nice segue from the political to the personal, and I was all "She who?" But yeah, I knew she who who.

I'm conflict averse and it's too bad that I am. I could blame mom, and theories of meek inheritance, but what would be the point? And this day I just did not feel like ignoring the inclusion in the snobbery, inclusion in the ain't we better than she stuff, inclusion in the current derangement variation. So, newly emboldened by Scott Brown, though in a meek little way, I defended Mrs. Todd Palin.

Dear Lxxxx:
What would I know?
But sure, I'll tell you she isn't going to run:
She Hillary Clinton is not going to run for president.
You meant She Governor Mrs. Todd Palin.
I knew that.
Will she run? I dunno.
Still, should she run and should she win, she couldn't be any less effective than what we ended up with this time, could she?
And she's quite better vetted.
And she'd arrive with some actual experience -- besides talky-talking.
And she's always cheerful in the face of scorn -- both scorn earned and scorn unearned.
Cheerful counts in my book. Bigtime. And scorn is overrated. Bigtime.
Just saying.
Or if she did run and she did win and she was as unprepared as what we ended up with this time, not to worry.
The beauty of our system is that it is self-correcting. Gotta wait four years, but correction occurs. Making me glad, always, to be an American. For that corrective reason and many other reasons, I remain a Grateful-American. That's my ethnicity, my hyphenate.
Now, how am I?
Thanks for asking.
Hope Trust you and yours are all well too.

Art-art swiped from Bosch Fawstin.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jackie Mason -- In Praise of Gentiles

Hey, this oughtta be the Friday post but we could not wait for Shabbat, now could we?
H/T The Campaign Spot, yesterday, at NRO.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Theological Statement of the Month -- Goldberg Division

"For reasons that have to do with original sin, I'm on Dennis Kucinich's e-mail list."

Thanks, Jonah.
Read it all:
Getting the Word Out

VIA The Corner.

Murtha RIP? Sure -- But Not Quite Yet

Let him suffer some first.


Via: Outside The Beltway and Confederate Yankee.
Showing more class than Contento -- often not difficult to manage -- Mr. and Mrs. Todd Palin express their condolences to the family of Rep. John Murtha.

Via: Texas For Sarah Palin

Miss Him Yet?

HatTip to The Corner
VIA: Those ones back there.
Previously asked here, here and here, among other times and places.
Bonus Picture:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shabbat Shalom


“Kill the Jews wherever you find them. Kill them with your arms, with your hands, with your nails and teeth.”

Thanks Jason.