Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Obama Voter Closes City Libraries

More news from the City of Brotherly Luv
By Patrick Kerkstra and Jeff Shields
Inquirer Staff Writers
Mayor Nutter said yesterday that five of the 11 library branches once scheduled to close permanently on Thursday are instead on track to be taken over by private foundations, wealthy individuals, companies, and community development corporations.

It was not immediately clear which branches have sponsors and the mayor did not identify the benefactors.

Speaking of unnamed benefactors: In this photo angry librarians -- do I repeat myself? -- and library-community organizers express dismay at the rumors that city libraries are soon (January 20) to be subsumed by Haliburton-Cheney, Inner City Division.

Yeah, Still Heading Toward That Manger

Meanwhile Back In Hymietown

The illiterati from the religion of peace pull out their madrasah spellers, make signs and take to the American streets:

I found the pic at The Other McCain, he grabbed it from the Silent M, I think.
Hymietown? C'mon, let's stroll memory lane together.

No Relief for Kook McKinney

Insane American Negress-slash-peace community organizer-slash-activist on pirate ship rammed only three times by Israeli Navy.
The Atlanta Journal-Constipation
Monday, December 29, 2008

A boat carrying international peace activists, including former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and medical supplies to the embattled Gaza Strip sailed back into a Lebanese port on Tuesday after being turned back and damaged by the Israeli navy, organizers of the trip said.

Next stop for the former Congressskank from Georgia: Davy Jones' locker.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Tefillah and Guns


Davening pic swiped from Muqata.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Warming Hearts Every Afternoon

Ain't it about time for some Oprah?
A heartwarming Holocaust memoir

Yeah, that's what it said in the TimesOnline. A heartwarming Holocaust memoir.
A heartwarming Holocaust memoir that is to become a big-budget film has been exposed as a hoax by a Jewish survivor in Britain only weeks before it was due to be published.
Herman Rosenblat's Angel at the Fence: The True Story of a Love that Survived, tells how he met his future wife as a girl when she threw apples to him over the barbed wire fence of the concentration camp where he was held.
Oprah Winfrey, who twice invited Mr Rosenblat on to her talk show, hailed the book as “the single greatest love story ... we've ever told on air”.

Damn them apples.
A love story bigger than Oprah and Steadman.
Read the whole thing here.
Other than that Oprah gets fooled again thing, I trust her judgement in all realms'o'life.
I cried my eyelashes off.

1000 Words

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

5 Star Netflix Stream of the Day

96% Fresh on the Tomatometer

This from Ebert: "Three shots in two minutes and we know so much about this boy's toughness and resilience, the industrial gray-market conditions to which he has adapted and -- despite his confidence and self-reliance -- his inescapable dependence on the adults around him. The 12-year-old Ale (Alejandro Polanco) is an accomplished hustler, whether reselling bags of candy on the subway with a polished sales pitch or stealing hubcaps."
Sure Ebert's a Cusack-Penn idiot in real life, but when he stays inside his own fat head and just writes about what he sees on the screen he can produce the appealing middlebrow review. Read his whole piece here.

Alejandro Polanco and Isamar Gonzales. Just wanted to see those names on this page today.

Who can say enough good things about Chop Shop? By-the-by, that's two (2) (dos) muy excellente movies set in Queens I watched in the past few weeks -- both getting 5 NetFlix yellow stars in my book. The other'n, Choking Man, had the additional bonus of Kate Buddeke in the cast. I'd follow Kate to the ends of the earth. 'Course I'd show my age I were to say I how long I've known Kate, how long I've followed her from stage door to stage door. Look to your right. That's Kate in the middle over there, when she was in Carousel on Bway. That pic is from my archives out in the garage; original in the New Yorker.

Dexter Ties A Tie

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 2003 1983


This Thursday morn, Julie McPhillips will awake to the great hope that is Christmas Day. And amid her joy for the Savior born of woman in a Bethlehem stable, she will offer two prayers.

The first will be for her son, Lt. Brian McPhillips, killed in action in April 2003 as the First Marine Division fought its way into Baghdad. The other will be for the man on whose orders Lt. McPhillips was sent to Iraq: George W. Bush.

Read it all in the WSJ here.


Musical Interlude

Dreidle Song

A Lonely Jew At Christmas



Marty Beckerman
America's Sexxxiest Young Journalist

I don’t feel guilty for loving Christmas, mostly because Jews pretty much created Christmas, or at least the contemporary/superior version. (And considering that Jesus popped out of Mary’s Semitic vagina, we gave the world the religious version too.)
Actually this year Christmas and Hanukkah occur simultaneously, so I will teach my girlfriend’s family how to light a menorah, which should be fun to try while I’m obliterated on Nana’s alcoholic apple cider. Perhaps they will enjoy my tribe’s festivities as much as I enjoy theirs… but somehow I doubt it. And that’s “ho ho ho”-kay with me.

Read the whole thing.You'll find it here.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey Congrats

Really, congrats on the Chip.

Lorna's Sister

C'mom, Rona Barrett AND Liza Minelli. That's a two-fer
How could I not post this pic today?

North To Alaska

Despite their phony championing of “women’s issues” (i.e. abortion) there was not one Democrat woman who could win a head-to-head contest with Palin.

Especially not if we got to see their faces.

Democrats may have a fleet of women politicians, but they don’t have a deep bench of attractive ones. You don’t even think of most Democratic woman as women: Rosa Delauro, Nita Lowey, Patty Murray, Janet Napolitano -- and the list goes on. Oh, sure, there are the odd female Democrat sex kittens -- your Janet Renos, your Donna Shalalas -- but they're the exception to the rule.

Perhaps Palin’s year is 2012, but I would recommend that she take a little more time to become older and wiser. She ought to spend the next decade being a good governor, tending to her children so none of them turn out like Ron Reagan Jr., and reading everything Phyllis Schlafly, Thomas Sowell, Ronald Reagan and “Publius” have ever written.

Read it all here.
Be honest now, ain't you glad to see the Reno and Shalala and Reagan Junior names on a page again? Happy days are here again. Trooly.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

MM, Esq.

Marshall Mathers, couturier, in the latest Esquire, on What I've Learned:
I'm a T-shirt guy now.
But wifebeaters won't go out of style, not as long as bitches keep mouthing off.

Haven't read the book yet?
Haven't read his first book -- who knew -- yet?

Chappy Chanukkah

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Men In Flannel Shirts

Yeah, click here for: Top 25 Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians.

Santa's Helpers

Gov. Sarah Palin helps Santa pass out gifts during Operation Santa Claus 2008 in Kivalina on Dec. 6, 2008. Operation Santa Claus, an Alaska National Guard community relations and support program, provides toys, books and school supplies for young people in communities across the state.

Photo by Spc. Paizley Ramsey / 134th Public Affairs Detachment

Whole story here.
Thanks, Other McCain.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shabbat Shalom


Shiksa-Shvartser Suck-Up

Update 12/21 Howie Carr
: "By now everyone has noticed that all the media hags [redundant?] who were so bent out of shape about Sarah Palin’s alleged lack of experience are touting Caroline’s deep hands-on credentials as . . . honorary chairman of the American Ballet Theater.

Not chairman, mind you. Honorary chairman."

Final Art Review of '08

Was looking for some fresh Creep Rat, but found this artiste reverie in the Kaz Underworld. Will do some Creep Rat for ya in ought-niner. Meanwhile, Kaz' point:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dipping Sauce

The Chick-Fil-A Cocktail
2 oz. Wild Turkey 101
1/2 oz. Cointreau
2 dashes peach bitters
one teaspoon Chick-Fil-A Polynesian dipping sauce

Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a skewered chicken nugget.

H/T to We Drink We Blog

Multiple Kill Vehicle

At Last Some Change Even I Can Believe In

Hat tip to The Corner over at NRO for: Terminator-like Killer Robot Unveiled by U.S Government; and Derb's source: Third Eye Concept.

Want more? Go Here.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008


The trouble with mama.
Or, what's with the white shoes?
Or or, is she an Ivy Leaguer masquerading as a shaminatrix or a shaminatrix posing as an Ivy Leaguer?
Asked and answered.
Chop chop.

Afterdark total sub boy Anthony Ottaviano, a pre-dark white-shoe attorney at one of the city's most prestigious white-shoe law firms - who had a madman's secret passion for S&M - was shot to death by a beefy needy rival for the affections of a brilliant madwoman Ivy League stunner who moonlights as a dominatrix, police sources said yesterday.
Two years ago, mama's boy Ottaviano lost his mother to cancer.
"He drove up to Buffalo every weekend for two years to be with her," Winn said. "That's the kind of white-shoe mama's-person he was."

Where else but the NYPost?
Showbiz intellect Rosie O'Donnell, long a sex-client of the white-shoe lawyer's strictish asian girlfriend -- Jade Vixen in fetish circles -- offered this take on the affair. Neither Me-So-Smart showbiz brain Sean Penn nor Me-So-Smart-Too John Cusack could have addressed it -- or any other topic -- any better. That's some clear thinking, fellas.

Coach Whiting

Shabbat Shalom

Pic credit here.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Prop 8 One Month Later

Gay Penguins
The Telegraph (UK)
A pair of male penguins have been stealing eggs from straight couples and claiming them as their own.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Great Moments In Speech Therapy

Moustache Hair

The Dangers of Drinking Tea
Hitler’s Private Library
by Timothy W. Ryback (Knopf; $25.95)

“Hitler’s Private Library”
Hitler was a voracious reader, finishing a book every night, either at his desk or in his armchair, always with a cup of tea in his hand.

Read it all here.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Enlusted Enlisted

'Gays Too Precious To Risk In Combat,' Says General

At Last, A Nanny Diary Worth Reading

Good bet nanny nightmare Laura Linney won't play a part in the movie of this story.
Nanny Recounts Saving Rabbi`s Son In Mumbai Attack
The orphaned Moshe, who turned two this week, is now in the care of his mother`s parents after his nanny miraculously rushed him to safety.

A little more here.