Thursday, October 8, 2009

Carpet Bombing -- Derbyshire

John Derbyshire:
What are we doing in Afghanistan?

If Afghanistan-the-nation is a threat to our vital interests, let's carpet-bomb their cities, hang the leaders, impose a constitution, plant a couple of big fat military bases in strategic locations, and settle in for a 20-year occupation.
It's not long. Read it. Afghanistan: A Skeptic Vents
Not saying I'm agreeing here. Not saying I'm disagreeing. I'm just saying.
Though, generally, I do agree with the carpet bombing approach to conflict resolution.
Could work domestically too. Dunno.

Nor am I the big fan of democracy. Or, democracy for democracy's sake.
Democracy, it seems to me, always, is not an end in itself.
It is a means to an end.
Voting is sweet, but: Safety, security, stability -- beer and grub -- that's my five-point plan. A good undemocratic king could provide all that.
They have a king. Living in exile. Italy? Bring him back.
Just saying.
Shut up with the democracy stuff. Kill the bad guys and move on.
Without forgetting that when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan it was against the law -- illegal -- thank you Sharia -- for a female to feel the sun on her face.
Uh huh. You could look it up.
Thanks for the sun, President Bush.

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