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Andrew Sullivan Der Beagle -- Great Moments In Advertising

The Early Days: Ptown's / Thai sex-trade's most odd blogger

Gap pocket-t $10.50, as worn by
ANDREW SULLIVAN, editor/writer.
Photographed by Annie Leibovitz

From the Contento Photo Archives
1992? 1993?

How easy it is to forget -- or never to have noticed in the first place -- how long we've been talking about this. Accompanying the photo in the Contento Archives is a gentle 1993 Hadley Arkes essay from National Review, July 5.
THE CLOSET STRAIGHT: When Andrew Sullivan Pleads for gay marriage, has he thought about what marriage is?:

"The Politics of Homosexuality" confirms, at length, what anyone who has been with Andrew Sullivan can grasp within five minutes: he regards his erotic life as the center of his being, but he also conveys the most powerful need to seek that erotic fulfillment within a framework of domesticity, of the normal and the natural. The most persisting thread of anguish in the essay is the pain of awareness and reconciliation in his own family, with the recurring memory of his father weeping when Andrew declared, as he says, his sexuality. Sullivan reserves some of his most stinging words for the producers of a "queer" politics, aimed at "cultural subversion." That brand of politics would simply confirm the strangeness of homosexuals, and deepen the separation from their families
. . .
But the secret that dare not speak its name is that he really is, after all, a domesticated man, settled in his marriage. As a writer and a man, Andrew Sullivan is committed to an understanding of political life that finds its ground in nature. And he takes, as the core of our civic life, marriage and the laws that sustain marriage. For all of that, we here, composed, as we are, of eros and of dust, love him.
Not love-love, nope; but love, you bet.
Now read that whole thing. Written about der beagle before he went kooks.
H/T National Review
H/T The Free Library
H/T Contento Archives -- not much available online, easily accessed out in the garage.
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