Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Palin, TX4SP, Searchlight, Contento

This Governor Palin video has been all over the place in the last 24 hours, including the recently returned Another Black Conservative and Contentions. But we saw it first at Texas For Sarah Palin.
It wouldn't be too much to say that everything Sarah Palin is pretty much found first at the essential TX4SP.

Now, we're posting it too. A day later.
Yes, we're posting it because though he turned his face away from the intrusive cameras all day long, and declined interviews with the idiot press who bugged those in the front row all day long, if you know what to look for, Contento is in there.
Yeah, the first ad for Palin 2012 and Contento's in it.
That's just how we roll here at Boom3.

Okay, okay. This is the second ad for Palin 2012. Mama Grizzlies was the first. We're in good company.

And as we said in a post about the Palins after Searchlight last April:
As I observed Mr. and Mrs. Palin in Searchlight last Saturday it was impossible to discern what they are up to. I don't distrust them. Heck no. Or, au contraire. But I sensed some design in action. Their game plan? Dunno.
They're up to something.
Hope is for chumps but if I were a hoping man I'd hope it's world domination that they're up to.
'Nuff said.

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Josh Painter said...

Thanks for the kind words.
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