Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mattie Fein Says: Young Guns R Shootin' Blanks

In a guest Op-Ed posted at The Other McCain, Mattie Fein, the Republican nominee for California’s 36th District, offers splendid words to GOP Old Guard:
When interviewed by the NRCC and Kevin McCarthy about the Young Guns program, which I now peg the “Shooting Blanks” program (and yes this is a double entendre and the pun is absolutely intended) my marriages and status as a single mother were a focal point.

Fair questions, but I doubt that prospective married male candidates seeking office aren’t dissuaded by such things when running for office. Especially considering how many of them have such skeletons in their closet. Perhaps I should be grateful that I avoided what I experienced in the early days in Washington as a twenty-something where a slap on the derriere and the comment “go home and be a housewife” was standard operating procedure
Read the whole thing here.

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