Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keicia M. Hines, Army, Sergeant -- Rest In Peace

Keicia M. Hines, 27

Army, Sergeant
Based: Ft. Bragg, N.C.
108th Military Police, Combat Support Company
Supporting: Operation Iraqi Freedom
Died: January 14, 2004
Mosul, Iraq
Gender: Female
Hometown: Citrus Heights
High School: Florin High (Sacramento)
Burial: St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Sacramento

When Army Sgt. Keicia M. Hines was buried last week in Sacramento, she left a particularly painful void in the lives of her mother, Beverly Coleman, and her family.
The 27-year-old soldier was Coleman's only child. And because Coleman's two sisters do not have children, Hines also was an only niece and an only grandchild and great-grandchild on her mother's side of the family.
Hines was killed Jan. 14 when she was accidentally struck by a vehicle at Mosul Airfield in Iraq, military officials said.
"She was the baby," her mother said last week before a motorcade of Sacramento police officers and military officials escorted Hines' body from the airport to the mortuary. "I'm extremely proud of her. The loss is tremendous, but she was doing what she wanted to do. She was just so honorable."

Hines, who was assigned to the 108th Military Police, Combat Support Company at Ft. Bragg, N.C., was buried Thursday in the veterans' section of St. Mary's Cemetery.

In addition to her mother and husband, Hines also is survived by her father, Rudolph Dixon of Chicago; her maternal grandparents, Robert and Mary Coleman of West Sacramento; and a great-grandmother, Ida Wheeler of West Sacramento.
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