Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ron Dellums: Today's Tax Cheat In The News

-Ron "Red" Dellums tax-cheat
Previous tax cheats in the news:
-Al Franken tax-cheat

-Charlie Rangle tax-cheat

-Caroline Kennedy tax-cheatress
Bonus Kennedy Nanny link here. And here. Thanks, Rosa.

-Timothy Geitner tax-cheat

-Tom Daschle tax-cheat

-Kathleen Sebelius tax-cheatress

-Nancy Killefer tax-cheatresss

-Hilda Solis tax-cheatress

-Ron Kirk tax-cheat

-Keith Olberman tax-cheat
The disciples of tax and spend. Makes me miss the good-heartedly, quaintly innocent Linda Chavez.
Little People.
Corrupt? Dunno.

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