Thursday, July 7, 2011

We Got Just What It Takes

Liken this Jakob Dylan but there's a reason I mostly listen to Latin music when I'm driving. The Latin melodies are pretty enough to make me happy but I can't understand the Spanish lyrics so they can't take me to the sad place -- like this pretty Dylan always seems to do.
No vague longings for me!
Anyway, it's summer so I'm road tripping.
The places I usually go in Arizona and New Mexico are aflame this year, not suited for tenting, so I headed east a few weeks ago.
Heading home now.
About to cross the Mississippi one more time, going west, at Vicksburg, then up through the delta, some Louisianan, mostly Arkansan delta, and on over to the Ouachitas, lakes and home.
Left arm red.
This kind of day has no night.
Birds flying low.
Window opened wide.

Next up:
All beloveds this way come for time under the loblolly pines in
Lake Ouchita State Park.

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