Monday, July 18, 2011

Trig Palin

Holy Trinity

Those who know us know that some things simply silence us here at Boom3.
To speak of them, to add our jibberjabber to the occassions, ends up pointing more toward us than to the required silence, or to its sacred cause, so we shut the hell up every now and then.
Get out of the way, we tell ourselves, knowing it is not about us.
No, really, that much we know: Very little is about us.
And silencers?
Boy angel Angel Boy was such.
He took our breath with him.

Leiby Kletzky

Today we found our opening, our segue, our permission, not to forget, not to look away, not to move on, nope. Today we found the grace to breathe a little again. Showed up in a photograph of two more Little Misters Perfect.

Trig Palin and his nephew Tripp Johnston

G*d bless the little ones.

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