Thursday, July 7, 2011

Farmall Tractors and the 4th of July -- Petersburg, WV

Here's my cousin Daniel, but we call him Bub, driving the Farmall in the 4th of July parade in Petersberg, WV.
Here he comes, everybody!

That's his dad, Daniel, but we call him Buddy, hopping on the back of the Farmall with Bub at the end of the parade. Bub was 15 when he drove in the parade on Monday. He's 16 now. Or close to it. Now when Bub drives his F-150, he'll be legal.
I'm partial to the Case tractors, especially the cantankerous old ones with the crank starter in the front -- thank you Lloyd for those good years on your farm -- but the Farmall cranks are fine machines, you bet.

Bonus picture:
Bub's F-150 with Remington:

All photographs courtesy of Contento, Ltd.

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