Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Resignation Interlude -- Art by Bosch Fawstin -- Text By Smitty

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, over at The Other McCain, Smitty, writing from Afghanistan, [Update: Mr. Smitty is home today.] foresees the end times of Hope and Change.
BHO Does Not Even Complete Term, Much Less Run For Reelection

by Smitty (h/t Instapundit)

This prediction is served without malice. I feel nothing about the Commander-in-Chief, one way or the other.

1.The economy appears to be dead in the water, but are only that good if you squint and believe government figures which, unexpectedly, are later adjusted down.
2.Government actions, like those of the EPA, are inimical to economic recovery.
3.As the third year after winning the election closes, BHO’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll remains mired in the negative teens.

 Against those, and other equally negative inputs (Pigford), BHO will have to arrive at a means to avoid losing the election. I predict Eric Holder will be the vehicle, or, rather, dude going under the vehicle, to achieve this. The means to avoid losing in an election BHO cannot win will be to resign, Nixon style, because the integrity of the administration has been unexpectedly (did I already use that word in this post?) tarnished.
This occurs at the point where the maximal amount of cash has been squeezed from the donors. Of course. “BFD” Biden generates a bit of work for the portrait guy, and finishes out the term. It’s not as classical as OediPUTUS Wrecks, but there you have it.
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Me? I say hope is for chumps. However, in my experience, Smitty is not often wrong, leaving room for some hopeychangery around Boom3. Thank you Smitty for the hope and the change and for your service.

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Anonymous said...

Just wish the word bubble said, " I quit!"

Makes me laugh to think of it.