Friday, February 11, 2011

Sharia -- They Shoot Christians Don't They?

The government of Afghanistan is about to execute Said Musa for the crime of: Being a Christian.
Why are we propping them up again?
Why are our noble men and women giving their precious lives for these worthless Religion of Losers losers?

This from An Australian Ally:
The Said Musa case is one of those landmark beacons which throws a glaring light on where we are and what we are doing.

Why Are Our Soldiers Dying?
By Hal G.P. Colebatch on 2.11.11 @ 6:07AM
Another question which this matter presses home to us is: What are we doing allying in war with these [Afgan] barbarians? What evidence have they given us that they are actually a better government than the Taliban would be? How does propping them up as a government in Afghanistan, even if we win the war there, benefit us or humanity? I believe it does, but please remind me why. It is true that we may be stopping the Taliban from taking over Pakistan and getting their hands on Pakistan's nuclear weapons, but are there other ways of achieving that?
It is hard to see any need at the present time to spend our soldiers' lives in defense of a regime that stinks to high heaven of vile savagery, a regime which plainly cares nothing for our values and plainly cares nothing even for what we think of it, and which in fact shows by its deeds that it regards the Judeo-Christian West and its ideas and values as abomination and a mortal enemy.
Read the entire piece at the American Spectator.
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