Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ambassadress Cynthia "Tippler" Stroum Flees Embassy

We'll always have Luxembourg
As a supporter of presidential candidate Barack Obama, Cynthia Stroum was a superstar whose financial backing of the campaign landed her a plum diplomatic posting in Europe. As America's ambassador to Luxembourg, the wealthy Seattle-based businesswoman was a disaster.

According to an internal State Department report, Stroum's management of the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg was abysmal. She quit a week ago.

The report says her approximately one-year tenure as ambassador was fraught with personality conflicts, verbal abuse of staff and questionable expenditures on travel, wine and liquor.
Another one bites the dust.
Read the whole more time with the family story here with more here.
Barry Soetoro and Ambassadress Stroum skinning and grinning in happier times.

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