Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bootlegged Boom3 Wear

Defendant: Michael Johnson

(Chicago Police Department photo / May 30, 2010)
Charge: Three first-degree murders, attempted murder and aggravated criminal sexual assault
A prostitute who was choked and left for dead by a john on Chicago's Far South Side survived the attack and later pointed police to a man now linked to three slayings in the Roseland and West Pullman neighborhoods, police and prosecutors said Sunday.
Hmmm. Not only a thug sporting bootlegged Boom3 gear, but also a community organizer...
For about the past month, Johnson had worked as a canvasser for Grassroots Campaigns, a company that does canvassing work in Chicago for ASPCA and Save the Children, said Wes Jones, the national canvass director for Grassroots Campaigns. Jones said Johnson would have been primarily stationed in public areas with pedestrian traffic, like downtown Chicago sidewalks.
Read it all here.

And no, despite the kit he's donned, the Chicago love thug john Johnson is no kin or relation to and has no association with the exquisitely proportioned, usually well-dressed and always finely groomed Mr. Contento of Boom Boom Boom.
Updatery on Grassroots Campaigns:
Grassroots Campaigns staff was on the front lines of electing President Obama. We registered hundreds of thousands of voters in states from Nevada to Iowa to North Carolina. We recruited and trained hundreds of volunteers to get out the vote.
Grassroots Campaigns brings together an experienced team of organizers and campaign professionals to provide the progressive community with grassroots fundraising and organizing strategies that can help build a powerful and winning progressive majority in America.

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