Friday, April 29, 2011

Shabbat Shalom -- ינוח בשלום על משכבו

Profiles of The Fallen

Reflecting on the Lives of the American Jewish Service Members Who Died Fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan

In some of the painful interviews collected for this week’s “Profiles of Our Fallen” feature, we heard from parents initially worried and embarrassed about their childrens’ choice. Melinda Kane, whose son, Jeremy, died in Afghanistan, described “the stigma that a nice Jewish boy from Cherry Hill would want to go into the military. It was really unheard of and sadly I was afraid that people would judge my son for being a certain way that was not who he was.”
Instead, when she asked Jeremy why he chose to enlist here, he responded: “It doesn’t matter whether I fight for the Israelis or the Americans. We’re all battling the same thing.”
Read the entire editorial in The Jewish Forward.

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