Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Comments We Luv

Mensa Intellectuals Hollywood Actors Baldwin, Spacey get stood up by Congress
It was supposed to be their day to lobby, but actors Kevin Spacey and Alec Baldwin were booted off the Congressional schedule Tuesday, so that members might try to avoid a government shutdown.
In the comment section of the Washington Examiner article about Spacey-Baldwin, uncivil bigoty H8 occurs:
Spacey is a good actor, but a gaydar breaker---Alec Baldwin calls his daughter a "little pig." Just like her [BIG] daddy...!
These jerks belong on the View with the rest of the bitches!

Dunno, made me laugh.
Read more at the Washington Examiner.

On the plus side:
Also as part of his DC visit, Spacey spent Monday visiting the troops at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
Thanks for that, Mr. Spacey.

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