Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Smitty Meets Arkansas Principal in Afghanistan

Smitty reports from Bagram:

You Never Know Whom You’ll Run Into
Ran into a Navy Reserve Senior Chief after I’d done my business, out having a coke, a smoke, and a smile. He’d served in Iraq, too, but had just arrived in Afghanistan, and could not make comparisons. Lots of Navy Reserves here, like me. Talk turns to where you’re from and what you do. The guy is a high school principal somewhere in Arkansas. Has he been following the Formidable Ann Althouse on Wisconsin? No, but he feels Walker’s pain. It takes him three years of documentation to expunge a lousy teacher, and the bureaucratic costs are non-trivial, in addition to the time.
God speed, Mr. Smith.
Read it all here.
Yeah, we look for Arkansas news from around the world.

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