Friday, March 11, 2011

Materteral Modeling For The Times

From Vicious Pit Bull Attack By:
Lying On Him

MANSFIELD -- Johnson County authorities say a woman saved her 3-year-old nephew by lying on him as pit bulls attacked them outside her house near Mansfield.

Sheriff Bob Alford says the boy was severely hurt in Thursday's attack and was transported to a Fort Worth hospital. The woman was also taken to a hospital. Investigators on Friday declined to release names of the victims or further details on their injuries.

Authorities say the woman and the boy managed to get into her house before rescue personnel arrived. Alford says arriving deputies also were attacked by the dogs, who lived at the woman's residence, and killed one of the animals.

Mansfield is about 15 miles southeast of Fort Worth.

In similar news:
in Need
DETROIT - - When her nephew was born 16 years ago, a nurse at Children's Hospital said she'd do whatever it takes to help him. Now, that day has come.

"I'm a mother of a child who's a week younger than Anthony and I see the differences in what they've been able to experience and... I wanted him to have everything my son's had," said Jennifer Lesnek.
Role Model
Jennifer gives in many ways. She's a mother, aunt, nurse at Children's Hospital and now an organ donor.

When her nephew, Anthony, was born, one kidney didn't work at all and the other was destine to fail. He has spent many days hooked up to a dialysis machine. Jennifer decided long ago that if she were a match, she would some day help him.

That's not surprising to her husband. "I told her that... I'm proud of you and what's you're doing is a great gift," said Dan Lesnek.

"I'm really happy about it. I'm glad it's coming from my aunt," said Anthony Helfer.
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