Monday, December 21, 2009

Modern Drunkard Magazine

Modern Drunkard.
Hey, it's more than a magazine, it's a timely lifestyle choice.

Boozing Through The Bad Times
Just because the economy is depressed doesn't mean you have to be.

Consider building your own still. 
All you need to do is read a couple books, get the parts, find a welder you can trust, mix up some mash and, uh — that ain’t gonna happen.

If your career choices mean you are utterly unaffected by the current economic crisis, feel free to revel in schadenfreude. 
You’re not a lowlife barfly, you’re a recession-resistant barfly.

Search out cheaper bars. 
And just think how excited those lowlifes will be drinking with a high-class gentleman such as yourself.

If you frequent dive bars, expect new faces. 
Feel free to laugh along with the bartender when they ask to see the wine list.

Realize you may have to choose between food and booze. 
You have to ask yourself: Would I rather be fat or sassy?

Imagine if you’d spent all that money you lost on the stock market stocking up your home bar instead. Just imagine it. 
No hate mail, please.

If money is tight, take full advantage of Happy Hours.
It’s welfare for drunks.

Cut down on non-essentials. 
Like vermouth. And olives. And glassware. --FKR

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