Thursday, December 10, 2009

Andrew Klavan Interlude

Sweet interview with Andrew Klavan by Jamie Glazov on FrontPage.
I wanted to post the great paragraph on shame, guilt and self-hatred, but who needs that? Let's look at the Klavan take on Albert Gore, who, without God, sufficient whiskey, or Klavan's humor would be unbearable. Find the shame paragraph yourself, I'll take a nice laff at Junior Gore as my day's contribution to anti-clownery and anti-knuckleheadery.
Klavan: Al Gore is quite hilarious. Global warming! I love that. I seriously think the man had a nervous breakdown and decided to parlay it into an industry. Why go nuts for free when you can make a fortune at it? Going around in his fume-spewing jets preaching to us about our carbon footprints, he reminds me of some ancient Pope with mistresses and catamites and palaces condemning the sinfulness of the poor.
Then there’s that knucklehead Evan Thomas. He’s the guy who practically lynched the Duke University Boys on the cover of Newsweek and then said, “Oh, we had the narrative right we just got the facts wrong.” In my business – writing novels – you can get the narrative right and the facts wrong. In his business, the facts are the narrative. He’s lucky there’s a Keith Olbermann, or he’d be the poster boy for our corrupt idiot news media.

Read it all here.

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OmDeHoek said...

I was just reading Andrew Klavan's article about Mary Jo K. and thinking aboout having to listen to year end eulogies. Ugh!

contento said...

Hey Om -- Ugh indeed. Just one of the perils of the end'o'the'year is those wrap-ups of things we're supposed to have cared about, like dead Teds.....New topic: Dennis Miller's been going off on Albert Gore, Junior lately too. Great fun on great radio. Mary Jo Kopechne? May Light Perpetual shine upon her. The unforgiven fat drunk who napped while she died? May he and his spawn continue their downward spiralings. Love hearing from ya, Om.