Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Matthew C. Ferrara, Army, Captain -- Rest In Peace

Matthew C. Ferrara, 24

Army, Captain
Based: Vicenza, Italy
2nd Battalion, 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team
Supporting: Operation Enduring Freedom
Died: November 9, 2007
Aranus, Afghanistan
Gender: Male
Hometown: Torrance
High School: South High (Torrance)
Burial: Green Hills Memorial Park, Rancho Palos Verdes
Always an athletic and academic standout, Ferrara was the third-born of five children. He ran cross-country and scored 1,580 out of 1,600 on his SAT. He went on to graduate from West Point, where he majored in economics and Mandarin.

Ferrara was among six servicemen who were killed in an ambush Nov. 9 while leading a NATO force whose goal was to help stabilize and reconstruct war-torn eastern Afghanistan. Ferrara, who had been recommended for a Silver Star after a battle in August, was posthumously promoted to captain.

The attack claimed the lives of two other Californians, Sean K.A. Langevin of Walnut Creek and another Torrance resident, Lester G. Roque. Both were corporals, both 23.

Langevin died in the attack and Roque a day later. Roque, who did not attend South High, was a native of the Philippines. His death made news in the Philippines and a TV news crew's interview of his wife is still seen on YouTube.com.
Read the entire LA Times story on Army Captain Matthew C. Ferrara here and read more about him here. A West Point remembrance is here and read his full Silver Star citation is here:
During three hours of intense combat First Lieutenant Ferrara expertly led his men in the defense of the Aranas Outpost until he was able to call for air strikes danger close to his own position to neutralize the enemy threat. His actions reflect great credit upon himself, the Rock Battalion, the Bayonet Brigade Combat Team, and the United States Army.

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Anonymous said...

wow, what a true hero. and so young. John C Ferrara no relation, but still proud of him.