Monday, October 4, 2010

If You've Lost The Dog Whisperer

If You've Lost The Dog Whisperer, you've lost Middle America

From Politico:
Given his experience as the "Dog Whisperer," Cesar Milan certainly knows how to keep four-legged friends in line. His major rule of dog training: Do not let the dog lead you. (See: Bo's family vacation)
"Americans who allow their dogs to walk them is one of his biggest peeves," CBS's Lesley Stahl said during her "Sunday Morning" profile of Milan. "If your dog doesn't learn how to follow, you'll never have a disciplined pet."

Well, guess who could stand to learn that lesson?
Yeah, we've noticed this before:

Bo and Little Bo Peep

Heel, I said.
It's inexcuseable, unacceptable for you not to heel.
Go here for Dog Whispering video.
Via Big Hollywood.

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